The Women's Crisis Shelter was established in August 1995 as a shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children. 

The shelter is located in the north of Israel,and it serves women from all over Israel.

At the end of 2021, The Women's Crisis Shelter accomplished a major project  of building, renovating and furnishing a new shelter called "Beit Nehama". Our new shelter include 14 rooms for women and their children with private showers and toilet room. One of the rooms is adapted for disabled people. In addition, the building includes three activity spaces for children (for multi-age certification), a computer room, treatment rooms for women and children, a dining room and kitchen, living room, laundry room, storage areas, and a large courtyard and a playground will be built for the children of the shelter.

This new structure allow us to provide for women and children, and rehabilitation treatment space with respect, and serve more women and children than we are presently serving.

During 2021. fourty-four women and fourty-one children were treated at the Shelter. In addition, another three women with their six children resided at the In-transit apartment operated by the Shelter. The Shelter and the in-transit apartment were full most of the days. 

The Shelter's mission is to provide physical and emotional protection and legal aid for its residents, and to take care of the various needs of the women and children who come to the shelter. Contact us for more information.